The Impact of Conversational AI on Brand Marketing and Customer Engagement

The Impact of Conversational AI

Conversational AI has had a significant impact on the way

brand storytelling

The Future of Brand Storytelling

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the way brands tell

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Guide to Inexpensive but Powerful Email Strategies for Small Business Owners

Guide to Inexpensive but Powerful Email Strategies for Small Business Owners

E-mail is the world’s most inexpensive printing press, assistant, and post office. Where else can you print virtually an unlimited number of letters without spending a penny for ink and paper? And it is fast! No waiting for that overbooked printer to start working on your job.

Where else can you send hundreds or thousands of letters without paying for stamps? Even though there is SOME cost involved in effective e-mail marketing, it is amazingly inexpensive compared with traditional methods of marketing.

It is also the most inexpensive assistant! If you implement what you learn during this program, you will be amazed how much can be delegated to your e-mail program. It will sort your incoming messages, dump others upon arrival and respond to some e-mail automatically.

You can eliminate a big chunk of your business expenses by communicating with your business clients and prospects via e-mail!

Consider also the benefits to your potential buyers. When they request additional information about your product or service, they can receive it within minutes, even seconds —day or night — instead of waiting additional days or even weeks for snail mailed brochures.

By the way, traditional mail is called now snail-mail because its tempo contrasts so much with the amazing speed of e-mail.

Using e-mail you can build an on-going relationship with a VERY large group of prospects — something that was prohibitively expensive with printed material mailed on a regular basis. Now you can expand your list by thousands, even hundreds of thousands of names.

You get a fast response

Imagine: 30,000 people interested in your product or service in just a few days – at no cost to you! Yes, this CAN happen to you too!

How about getting orders within minutes after sending your e-mail offer? When done correctly, your sales will be processed automatically — and your bank account will grow without your involvement. Compare this with the regular mail process where it takes days before your prospects even RECEIVE your offers!

But wait — it gets even better

If you don’t get as much response as you feel you should, you can improve your e-mail message immediately and send it again. You should monitor the results of your marketing, and if you are not satisfied fire another message immediately (to another group of prospects). Your mistakes, or rather valuable business experience, don’t cost you nearly as much time and money as it would in the offline world.

E-mail marketing is simply AMAZING! (now you know why this is the title of the program)

It is all about the follow up

Let’s talk about the essence of e-mail marketing. No matter how good your web site, a majority of people visiting your site will not buy on their first visit. On average it takes seven contacts to overcome the natural barrier of mistrust and lack of interest we all experience. The longer you stay in touch with your prospects, the more solid a relationship you form with them and the easier it is to convert them into buyers. Of course, sometimes people buy sooner, or even right away, but they are the exception.

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